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My daughter has a learning disability and will soon be a teenager.

My twelve-year-old daughter was identified at school with a communication learning disability when she was 10 in grade 4. She is on an IEP. Her physical development is happening quickly, she got her period when she turned 11 years old. … Continue reading

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Is this a damaging sleep routine?

My six-year-old daughter feels and sleeps better when I lay down beside her. In the middle of the night she will get up and find me in my bedroom with dad. She asks me to come beside her because she … Continue reading

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How can I soothe a teething baby?

I have a three-month-old daughter who has had no real problem settling until she started to teethe. Short of drugs, what are some good ways to soothe a teething baby? Teething is a very common problem that causes pain for … Continue reading

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We are concerned about our child’s development.

We are very concerned about our baby boy who is now 13 months old and has development issues. He doesn’t crawl or use his hands (he is 6 months behind in development) and he is still on baby food because … Continue reading

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Should you tell a child they are adopted?

My sister is in her mid-thirties and after having fertility treatments she adopted a baby girl. Her baby looks a lot like her. She says she is going to tell her that she is adopted right from the beginning. I … Continue reading

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Is my cousin at increased risk for Post Partum Depression?

My cousin is pregnant and has a history of depression. Is she at risk for post partum depression? Is post partum depression any different from regular depression? What can I do to help? Post partum depression (PPD) occurs in 10-20% … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my twelve-year-old?

My twelve-year-old son has become more and more grumpy and angry. He used to be pretty even tempered. I don’t know what is going wrong. What can I do? We all have bad patches, it could be that is what … Continue reading

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Does my son have Tourette’s Syndrome?

My nephew, age seven, has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. My own son squints quite a lot. Could my son have Tourette’s? What is Tourette’s syndrome? The hallmark of Tourette’s syndrome is tics or involuntary movements. Motor tics are often … Continue reading

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My son has had multiple diagnoses for his behaviour problems.

My son is 12 years old. When he was 4 he was diagnosed with Aspergers/PDD, since then he has had many other diagnoses: ADHD, ODD, bipolar and most recently tics. He is hyperactive, there is no doubt about that, we … Continue reading

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My nine-year-old niece likes to touch herself.

I have a nine-year-old niece. When she was younger she started touching her private body part. My sister and her husband at first thought she would stop, given time, but eventually took her to a doctor. The doctor told them … Continue reading

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