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My son talks about killing himself, is this a serious problem or attention seeking?

My seven-year-old son has frequent tantrums or blow outs as we call them. For instance when he gets in trouble at school he comes home and  has a blow out, which most always includes him hurting either me(his mom) or … Continue reading

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My autistic son has difficulties at the mall, how do i handle the looks people give us when he has an outburst?

I have an autistic son who is 8 years old. He has difficulties when we are in the mall. I do try to avoid this but sometimes I have to take all the children (I have three boys) with me … Continue reading

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I disagree with my husband’s methods of discipline, what can I do?

My husband is very harsh with the children. He is particularly harsh with our son, aged 14 years. He constantly yells at him and has spanked him when he was younger. He is a good husband and a good person … Continue reading

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My sister is considering becoming a foster parent but I think this is a mistake. What do you think?

My sister is in her thirties and has 2 girls and a boy who are 7, 9 and 10 years old.  She does not want to go back to work and has been thinking of fostering children. She loves children … Continue reading

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My son is afraid of germs and avoids touching things with his hands.

My 13-year-old son is really afraid of germs. He avoids anything that might be dirty. He washes his hands if he touches anything and he uses Kleenex to touch most things. He hides it most of the time but I … Continue reading

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I don’t think my son is being challenged enough at school, am I being too pushy?

My son, age 10, is smart and a really nice person. He does well at school but he hardly works at all. He doesn’t study but does well on tests. If he has an assignment, he does it at the … Continue reading

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My daughter has become very anxious and is scared that we are going to leave her. What can I do?

My daughter is five years old. Back in June, she started experiencing bouts of anxiety. Ever since she was younger, she has always been afraid of people in costumes. For instance, we were at a kid’s birthday party and a … Continue reading

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My parents have overly high expectations for my sister, how can I help her?

My younger sister is in her second year of high school. When she was five years old, a psychologist tested her. He found she was at a grade four level in all subjects. My parents have taken this very seriously. … Continue reading

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How can we inspire a 19-year-old with no goals?

My 19-year-old step son is doing his matric but often skips school, misses exams and has no vision for his future. He lives with his mom and sometimes visits his father and me. He shows no interest in school or … Continue reading

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Is suicide genetic?

Is suicide genetic? Suicide has many complex causes. It is hardly ever caused by one factor. Genetics of some diseases is clear. This is not the case with suicide. There is no suicide gene. But genetics may have an effect. … Continue reading

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