Should I report my friend for having sex with one of her students?

For some time I have been  torn between taking action or staying put on the following matter. My best friend of 20 plus years who is a school teacher has had a sexual liaison with one of her students. Though they waited until he was out of school he was still under age and she in a position of authority. She still holds a teaching position and is now thinking of going to other schools to apply for jobs, she is a very skilled, motivated teacher who besides this has really worked hard to be where she is. I am confronted however with something that is so beyond my comprehension that if my kids were having sex with a teacher double their age…well, I’d take action! I don’t know what to do.

You are in a very difficult situation. Your best friend has betrayed a trust and has broken the law. In some jurisdictions you may be breaking the child abuse law by not reporting her. You can check on the law with your local library or Children’s Aid Society with an anonymous phone call.

She may be a dedicated and motivated teacher and a wonderful friend but she is also a pedophile. She will likely do this again.

I understand the agony you must feel. However, I would encourage you to report her to the child protection authorities. You can do this anonymously or you can give your name. It is up to them to investigate and decide whether to charge her or report her to the teacher licensing board.

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