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We need help with our son’s mood swings and aggression.

My eight-year-old son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and  Epilepsy at 8 months, and more recently with ADHD. His behavior and mood swings are up and down. We have constant contact with Doctors and other professionals but nothing is working. … Continue reading

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Is my son too young for a proper ADHD diagnosis?

My four-year-old son is showing signs of ADHD. Is he too young to be properly diagnosed and at his age should we entertain the idea of medication? The diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at age four is not … Continue reading

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Our grandson is alienating his friends with his behaviour. What can we do?

My eleven-year-old grandson is alienating the friends he plays hockey with and now they tell him they want him off the team. He is a very tall and seemingly more mature for his age but he comes off the ice … Continue reading

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My five-year-old son will not listen to me, what can I do?

My son is five-years-old and I am having an issue with him not listening and paying attention. He needs to be asked several times to complete a single task and at times nags so much when he is told no … Continue reading

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Is ADHD medication causing my grandson’s seizures?

My 13-year-old grandson has ADHD and is on Concerta. He had tremors and they increased his dose, yesterday he had a full blown seizure. Is this a possible result of Concerta? Figuring out the cause of seizures can only be … Continue reading

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Is my son having night terrors?

My three-and-a-half-year-old seems to be having what would be described as night terrors – yet he does recognize my wife and myself and speaks to us – but not very coherently. Can it still be a night terror if he is … Continue reading

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My six-year-old wets the bed. Will he grow out of it?

My six-year-old wets the bed. Will he grow out of it? Most children learn to not wet the bed by five years. Some wet until much later for no particular reason. A small number have some type of infection that … Continue reading

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How can we help our daughter with her low self esteem?

My twelve-year-old daughter has low self esteem. She is always apologizing for herself and doesn’t think she does anything well. If I praise her, she says I am just trying to make her feel better. She does well in school … Continue reading

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Our three-year-old daughter refuses to listen to her father.

We have an almost three-year-old daughter who refuses to listen to my husband. Regardless of his tone/actions or the consequences he sets, she refuses to stay within the boundaries set in place (which are the same boundaries for each parent … Continue reading

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Can a parent’s attitudes influence a child’s sexual choice/identity?

My question has to do with a parent’s influence over sexual choice/identity. A friend (36 and a single parent since her 10-year-old daughter was 2) has always projected a very tough facade. She was sexually molested at around 12 years … Continue reading

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