How do I explain our rules on age-appropriate games and movies when my son’s friends have no such restrictions?

My nine-year-old son feels we are being unfair limiting his access to mature and adult rated games and movies. His classmates are often given free range regardless of content. Do you have some suggestions to help deal with this on a parenting level?

You are absolutely right to limit your nine-year-old son’s access to mature and adult rated media.  You would not allow him to drive.  Nor would you give him access to alcohol.

There is no easy way to overcome the comparisons that he will make. You have to be firm and loving.  I am sure you are saying things like “I understand it doesn’t seem fair because your friends are allowed.  In our family, we don’t allow mature and adult rated games and movies.”

Keep maintaining your family’s standards.  Don’t get pulled into what other families do. You may say “Other families have different ways of doing things. In our family we don’t allow adult games and movies.”

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