Is my son sleepwalking?

My six-year-old son occasionally wakes up at night and will urinate somewhere, hallway, outside my bedroom, or even in a corner. I think he is sleepwalking because he can not respond to us when we talk to him and he never remembers the incident. We usually bring him to the bathroom to clean him up but he is not even aware that we are there. How do I know if he is sleepwalking and is it serious? He has been doing this for just over a year but it only occurs about once a month.

He is almost certainly sleepwalking. The major danger is that he might accidentally hurt himself when he is sleepwalking. He could fall down the stairs. He could wander out of the house and into traffic. He could take medicine in the medicine cabinet. He could trip over a toy or chair.

The most important thing to do is make sure the house is safe so he doesn’t harm himself. He has to be safe.

You might try having him overlearn the way to the bathroom.  Walking him through the route to the toilet 5 times before bed for a week may help: pretending to wake, get out of bed, go to bathroom, sit on the toilet.

The next time he is at his doctor’s, mention it to him or her.

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One Response to Is my son sleepwalking?

  1. Jennifer says:

    THANKS so much. We have already made sure the house is safe for him and plan on talking to his doctor very soon!