Can you explain why you never mention diet as a cause of behavior problems?

Can you explain to me why you never once, in all the instances of parents asking about behavior issues in their children, mention diet? Many of the symptoms of ADHD can be caused by exposure to all of the dyes, preservatives, flavourings etc. in the food we give our children. Most families buy the highly marketed, zero nutritious, “snack foods” that companies market specifically to our children because our children are susceptible to this marketing, so demand these foods, and because it is convenient for us. Exposure to these chemicals can cause: Marked hyperactivity; Constant motion; Running instead of walking; Inability to sit still; Inappropriate wiggling of legs/hands Impulsive actions; Poor self-control, unpredictable behavior; Disruptive behavior/disturbs others; Unresponsive to discipline; Abusive behavior, unkindness to pets; Destructive behaviors: throws, breaks things; Little or no recognition of danger to self; Inappropriate noises; Excessive or loud talking, interrupts often Compulsive actions; Aggression; Perseveration/repeating of an activity; Touching things or people excessively; Chewing on clothing, other objects; Scratching, biting.

I am strongly in favour of a healthy diet. I seldom buy processed foods and love to cook nutritious meals for our daughter.  Marketing processed foods to children is unforgivable. Parents giving children processed foods as a mainstay of their diet is unhealthy. Diet and activity are critical in obesity and in many other health problems.

I don’t mention diet in terms of behavior because there is little scientific evidence linking diet with ADHD or other forms of behavior problems. In spite of many excellent studies, scientists have not found that diet is a major influence on these behaviors.

If good scientific evidence does become available, I will use it in my answers.

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