How can I get a reassessment of my son’s ADHD diagnosis?

My nine-year-old son was diagnosed at age four with ADHD and we have been going through different pills like crazy, it has been an ongoing fight. I am wondering how I get a reassessment of his situation? How do I get blood work and brain scans done? I would really like to see if there is anything else wrong or what else we can do for him.

You need someone to review with you the treatment options. The best person would be the doctor who has been prescribing for your son. Schedule a time with this doctor to review your son’s progress.  An alternative would be to discuss your son in detail with his family doctor or pediatrician. Make sure you let the office know you will need a little longer appointment. Bring a list of all the medications he has been on and his reactions to them. Blood work and brain scans might not be the right thing. With ADHD they often don’t tell us much that is very helpful.

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