My six-year-old son is very defiant at school.

I have a six-year-old son in grade one, he is very intelligent and creative, but also very defiant. In school, he refuses to do work that he finds boring such as colouring or practicing writing. The teacher sends home his unfinished work, which I get him to complete with a lot of one-on-one attention and time. Testing has shown that he is gifted, so he will be in a private school in the fall. I am very worried that he will continue to refuse to do any work that he does not find interesting. How can I get him to do work in school that he doesn’t want to do? He does not respond well to bribes or punishment.

Thank goodness school is over soon. You and he need a break from this battle. I would suggest you enjoy your summer. Have lots of fun.

There is not much sense in him doing boring things unless he needs to do these things to build skills. For example, if he writes well, why should he practice?  However, even writing practice can be made more interesting.

In the fall, you could clearly and firmly remind him that you expect him to cooperate at school. Give him credit when he does.

If  his non compliant behaviour is primarily defiance, he will need help in overcoming this habit.

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