My son is still not potty trained.

My son is turning four next week and he is still not potty trained. We’ve tried everything and now I just don’t know what to do. Last summer he went for four months without an accident (pooping his pants). We haven’t had any luck with the peeing. Now he is back to pooping his pants once or twice a week. What are we doing wrong?

Most kids are potty trained by four years old. It may be that you are doing nothing wrong. It is very unlikely that there is anything seriously physically wrong with him. But consult with his family doctor or pediatrician to make sure.  He may also be constipated and his doctor can assess and help treat his constipation.

Use a positive approach. Schedule bathroom breaks every two hours. It is not whether he feels he needs to pee or poo, it is just a time for him to sit on the toilet for two full minutes and relax his body. You can have some small toys that are only in the bathroom. Enlist his cooperation.

Make a positive chart of when he is dry and clean.  Use small rewards, preferably positive activities to help motivate him. You can download a helpful booklet from the internet.

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