How can I help my son deal with his Tourette’s?

My ten-year-old son has Tourette Syndrome, his tics involve his large muscles making jerking movements. How can we help him deal with comments from his peer group? Can you recommend some resourses for his age to help him understand his condition?

Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder of unknown cause. People with Tourette Syndrome have motor or vocal tics.  The tics can be small or quite large. The vocal tics are often like a bark. Sometimes the vocal tics are curses or swear words.  The  outbursts can sometimes be delayed for a minute or so, but are uncontrollable.

Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada has many resources for families. There is a program for youth that may be helpful for your son.

Most comments from other kids are because they do not understand what is happening.
You can do a lot to help your son.

  1. Contact his teacher to educate him or her about Tourette Syndrome.
  2. The school may be able to have some education for teachers or the kids in the school.
  3. Teach your son about Tourette Syndrome so he can explain what it is and what it is not.

Bullies will use any excuse to pick on another child. Bullies are best dealt with by a combination of ignoring and confidence. His best strategy will be to confidently go ahead with any and all activities. His school should be expected to take firm action in response to any bullying.

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