Is watching TV detrimental to my son’s development?

My son is 6 months old and is already taking an interest in TV, which I have heard is not so healthy for brain development. If I use educational videos and age appropriate shows is it okay to allow him a reasonable amount of time each day or week watching it without it being detrimental to his development later on?

It is normal for your son to have this interest. Most kids do. You are right to be concerned about time spent in front of a TV. Educational videos and age appropriate shows are better than other types of television but the real issue is screen time. The problem with screen time is that it is engaging but totally passive, it doesn’t interact with the child at all. Until two years of age, infants cannot make sense of even the best of children’s programming. After age two the advice of pediatric societies is to limit screen time to one hour a day with young children.

But sometimes you may need a break and may use the TV as a “babysitter”. A very limited amount of screen time that keeps you sane is not going to harm your child.

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