I need help with the “terrible twos”.

I am dealing with the typical “terrible twos” at it’s worst! When my 2 1/2 year old does not get his way or does not want to do something (like get dressed) he throws a tantrum. He screams and throws himself and anything that is in his reach. He also uses hitting as a way of showing his anger. Hitting someone on the leg or arm is not good enough for him – he has to get right up in your face and hit and scratch! We are using “time outs” as discipline but it does not seem to phase him. What else can we do? Getting him ready for the sitter’s house in the morning is a nightmare!

It is tough to manage but very important.

  1. Pay lots of attention to any cooperation. Praise him for being a big boy.
  2. Stop him from scratching or hitting. Hold his arms by his side every time he starts trying to hit. Say once, firmly and loudly “No hitting”.  Hold him till he stops struggling. Don’t talk to him. This is a form of time out.
  3. Use stickers on a chart and a special small reward for getting ready in the morning.
  4. If you cannot safely get him dressed, take him in his PJ’s to the sitter and bring his clothes with him.

He has to learn that having a temper tantrum does not get him his way.

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