My five-year-old still wets the bed.

My five-year-old daughter still wets the bed at night. We try to wake her up through the night to go to the bathroom and she just doesn’t want to do it. Getting her to go to the bathroom during the day seems to be a chore in itself. It is getting very frustrating as I don’t think I should fight with her. She doesn’t tell us when she has to go or even go by herself, what can we do to get her to go to the bathroom more during they day and stop wetting her bed at night?

Most children are dry both during the day and at night by five years of age.  I agree that it is important to stop fighting with her about this.

Use a positive strategy.  Make her time in the bathroom very pleasant. Have some interesting toys, videos or music that is only available in the bathroom.

Make a Dry Days Chart in which you put a sticker whenever she is dry for half a day. Let her trade in earned stickers for fun things.

Ignore her wetting. Don’t punish or nag her for wetting. You cannot make her be dry.
If it is making too much of a mess put her in diapers.

Have her checked by her family doctor or paediatrician. It is possible but highly unlikely that she has some underlying condition.

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