I don’t want to lose my daughter. I need help now.

I am desperate to find help for my 15-year-old daughter who suffers from ADHD and who I now believe is severely depressed. She is lashing out in anger at everyone around her including teachers, police, parents.  She is rude, ignorant, does not listen to us as parents and has the attitude that she doesn’t care about anything anymore.  She is a bright beautiful child that is very artistic and a great photographer with so much talent but she is failing her first year of high school miserably and doesn’t do a thing to get out of the hole she has created.  I know she has been smoking pot and drinking a bit.  She has been trying to become a vegetarian and not sleeping and not taking her medication on a regular basis. She is just not my kid anymore.  She was just caught stealing yesterday at the local mall.  What is next?  I do not want to lose my daughter and need help NOW!

Your daughter needs specialist help NOW. Contact your family doctor and mental health clinic. If you feel she is in immediate danger bring her to the Emergency Department of your local Hospital. Insist on her getting help. Make it clear that she is in serious need.

Keep your relationship going by finding common ground on something. She needs you more than ever.

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