My son’s migraines are keeping him from school.

My son has had generalized anxiety since age four, he is now twelve-years-old. A few months ago he began experiencing depersonalization and migraine headaches with auras. He started a prescription of Paxil (slow release) 12.5, five weeks ago. The anxiety and depersonalization symptoms have decreased but the headaches have not. I have not been sending him to school because he does not have a day without headache pain and is very light sensitive (wears sunglasses in the house). We live in a rural area and his school is a 30 minute drive from my home. His headaches can last up to four days at a time. He is not involved in social activities and the headaches have completed disrupted his life. The mental health team at the local hospital tell me, for the anxiety, he needs to be in school, however, as I said, he suffers daily with headaches. I try to keep him caught up with school work but often trying to read or focus triggers a headache. I am not sure where to go for help. I know he needs to be educated, I am willing and able to do that at home for as long as it takes. But I am not sure how to help him become well and able to function.

His anxiety medication is not an effective treatment for migraine.  His absence from school will increase his anxiety. I would strongly encourage you to see a headache specialist. Medical or psychosocial interventions or both will help him.

His continued absence from school will be a real problem. If this is not overcome, he may become housebound.

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