My grandson is showing signs of the behaviour that led to my son’s breakdown. What should I do?

My Son is now 24, when he was younger he walked in circles on the playground and had a lot of fears, but he was very smart. Teachers never said anything about these behaviours because he was so smart. But he had a complete breakdown at age eleven. My grandson, who is four, also walks in circles and has many fears. Should I do anything about this? We never really got our son back 100%.

If you can, suggest to your son and his partner that a checkup with your grandson’s doctor might be helpful. Don’t push if he does not agree.

It sounds like you successfully raised your son, despite the difficulties. Support your son in raising your grandson. Notice what he does well with his son and encourage him.

Children who are just a bit different need lots of love and support. Spend time with your grandson. Have fun with him. Let him know how important he is to you. Encourage your grandson to become skilled at things he enjoys. It does not matter what these are. They might be sports or hobbies or other things.

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