My 10-years-old grandson is 130 lbs. How can I make his parents understand this is a serious problem?

My grandson is 10 years old and weighs 130 lbs. What can I do to make his parents understand that this is a serious problem? They are separated and do not speak without fighting.

Try having a chat with whichever parent you have the best relationship with. Don’t criticize them.  Express your concern for his health.  You might also say you are worried he will be bullied.  Ask them to speak to your grandson’s doctor about his weight.

If you can, speak to both parents. Don’t criticize the other parent.

Offer to help if they wish to have help.

When your grandson visits you, serve healthy food in moderation.  Show him how to eat well.   Enjoy the food.  It is OK to have clear rules about food when he is with you. Don’t allow any soft drinks, fruit juices or candy.  Make servings reasonable.

Casually explain which foods are healthy and which are not.

Encourage activity that he is capable of.  When he is with you, make sure you go for a walk.
Don’t criticize him. Do these things “to be healthy” not to lose weight.

Learning by doing will be very helpful for him, show him about healthy food and the value of exercising. Even if one parent comes on board, that will give your grandson a much better chance.

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