I think my son has a germ phobia but no one else agrees with me.

I think my son has a germ phobia, but he, his mother, his brother, and his sisters don’t agree with me. My son washes his hands about 20 times a day, he showers for over an hour. This is just part of the problem, please help.

Although keeping ones hands clean is a good idea, washing ones hands 20 times a day and showering for an hour is an indication of a significant problem that will get worse without treatment. He needs help. I would recommend you take him to his family doctor to discuss the problem, make sure you tell the doctor what is going on. The family doctor may try some medication and may make a referral to mental health.  Exposure and response prevention are the psychological therapies that have been shown effective in this type of problem. It is unfortunate that you are the only one in the family who sees that this is a problem.

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