My son suffers from very bad hives and the prescribed medication does not seem to work.

My one-year-old son woke up the other morning covered in hives. They were all over his belly and sides and a few on his back. By the afternoon they had spread to his entire torso area front and back and also on his upper thighs. This is the third time in two-and-a-half-months that he’s had a dose of hives, only this time they were a lot worse. We took him in to outpatients and the doctor prescribed Prednisolone. After two doses of the medication his hives continued to get worse and spread over his body. We can’t seem to figure out what’s causing the hives. We have never changed his diet or any cleaning products. Could this be more than an allergic reaction?

Follow this up medically. If your family doctor cannot figure it out with you, he/she may want to make a referral to a specialist. Hives is usually just an allergic symptom but significant hives can be related to more serious problems.

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