About Dr. Pat

Parents have always sought out wise counsel about the challenges they face in raising their children. In past generations, this information came from grandparents or other family members. Today, families are more sophisticated and want advice informed by the latest and best scientific evidence. With Ask Dr. Pat they receive step-by-step specific advice rather than general advice on their query.

Patrick J. McGrath OC, PhD, FRSC is a clinical psychologist and researcher. He is the Integrated Vice President of Research and Innovation for Capital District Health Authority and IWK Health Centre and Professor of Psychology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry, and Canada Research Chair at Dalhousie University.

Please note that Ask Dr. Pat is an educational tool for parents, and others, and is not meant as therapy or as a substitute for professional advice, we cannot arrange referrals or provide emergency information based on questions submitted through this site. Medical questions or concerns should be directed to your family doctor.

Ask Dr. Pat has an ethical and legal obligation to report any suspicion of physical, sexual or emotional abuse to the appropriate authorities.

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